Dough Rest Module



It allows to relax and rest the Dough.


General description


  • It allows the dough to rest after having been refined to a certain thickness.
  • Activated by optical sensor.
  • It has three conveyor belts with unequal speeds, to cause a ripple in the dough sheet, and thus create the correct relaxation of it.
  • The structure is completely built in Stainless Steel.
  • Three-phase equipment.




In addition to the devices that protect the equipment due to incorrect sequence or lack of one or more phases of the electrical network, this equipment has an emergency stop, thus providing safety to the operator.




The company reserves the right to change without prior notice.

Technical specifications



Height 1.80 meters.

Width 1.10 meters

Total length 2.10 meters

Weight 630Kg




Exit Belt

Power       Type


5.5 HP        motor        0.5 HP        motor

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