flouring machine



Flour saving, Homogeneous and even application.


General description


  • Three-phase equipment.
  • Flours are applicable to sobakers, rolling mills, or to any type of machine in the baking and pastry industry where mass flour is required.
  • The simplicity of this detachable implement allows it to be easily transferred from one machine to another.
  • The advantages offered are directly related to the simplification and improvement of the flouring task through automation.




  • A saving of the flour usually used in these processes.
  • The automation of a process that allows the operator to perform other tasks and not have to be aware of this procedure.
  • A uniform, homogeneous and constant contribution of the flour on the dough that could not be made manually.
  • Avoid the clouds of flour in the environment that both damage the respiratory tract of the operators, as well as the keys and electrical circuits of all the surrounding machines.
  • Avoid the risky task of "spreading and matching" the flour on the dough where the operator's fingers pass a few millimeters from the dangerous rolling rolls.


 These flour makers are manufactured in three different models:


1. With flour flow regulation, applicable to sobakers and any type of machine that requires it.

2. No flow control of flour, coupled to rolling mills or usable on masses that do not require varying the flow rate of flour.

3. With a base foot, to be able to transfer it to any machine or area. Both in a simple format and easily operable.



The company reserves the right to change without prior notice.


Technical specifications





Altura 0,30 mts.

Ancho 0,90 mts

Largo 0,60 mts


     Type     Power


Motor 0,12 HP

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