packing machine - FLOW-PACK



Saving flour, homogeneous and even application.




  • It packs products of various sizes with a range from 80mm to 320mm in width, just by changing the former. (consult special measures)
  • The material used to make the container is bioriented polypropylene (PPBO). Unlike the existing packaging machines on the market, this one detects the existence of the product and activates its operation automatically only when it is present, so that there is no possibility of error regarding the feeding or the risk of wasting Film
  • Its speed is constant but the machine does not work when there is no product to pack.
  • Changeable shoulders to pack different products
  • Manual and automatic command panel with touch screen
  • Engineering designs meet international and hygiene standards
  • Safety systems for the operator and the machine
  • Three-phase equipment



Feeding Procedure



The product is deposited on an infeed belt against adjustable lateral guide to the size of the product, then the machine will take care of transporting it to an optical positioner that will center the product so that it perfectly matches the printed container.


Once the product has entered the container's shaping shoulder, it will be pulled and welded longitudinally to finally be sealed transversely and simultaneously cut into units.





In addition to the devices that protect the equipment due to incorrect sequence or lack of one or more phases of the electrical network, this equipment has an emergency stop, thus providing operator safety.




Approximately 45 packages / min. In the case of packaging a 125mm long product.


The company reserves the right to change without prior notice.

Technical specifications





Height 1,900 mm

Width 1,100 mm

Length 3,700 mm

Weight 400 Kg.



Function          Type            Power

Input belt           Motor             0.125 HP

Traction             Motor              0.125 HP

Film                   Motor             0,25 HP

0.25 HP             Motor                Coil

Product              Motor              0.25 HP

Input to Shoulder Motor            0.25 HP


Pneumatic Cylinders


1 cylinder Ø40x50 mm stroke

1 cylinder Ø40x25 mm stroke

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