Caters to cross the dough and allow this to have a best league and elasticity.


General Description


  • Intended three gauges 100 mm diameter by 600mm wide dough.
  • It has six conveyors belts and two carriages fro, allowing these carriages cross twice the dough.
  • Each module has an individua board.
  • The speeds are variable and independent.


Composed of five modules:


1.- Input tape, gauge and output tape.

2.- Carriage fro (First Crossing Dough).

3.- Input tape, gauge and output tape broken.

4.- Carriage fro (Second Crossing Dough).

5.- Input tape, gauge and output tape.

Three-phase device.





In addition to the devices that protect equipment for incorrect sequence or lack of one or more phases of the mains, this team has emergency stop on both sides, providing operator safety.




The company reserves the right to change without notice.

Technical specifications



Height 0.30 meters

Width 0.90 meters

Length 0.60 meters

Type     Power


Motor 0,12 HP

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